PTCB Practice Test

Take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Practice Test and Our Experts Will Provide Personal Coaching and Training for Any Questions You Missed.

RELAX! You now have the edge! Save yourself time and money with PTA. You have the ability to target key information that will be covered on the exam in a simple, easy and affordable way to get prepared for the PTCE.

This is much more than a simple online test. You will receive your personal test by email, complete it, and it will be graded by one of our expert instructors. Then, we schedule a training session with you to go over any of the questions you missed to make sure you completely understand each topic.

Content Specific Testing Topics

The content of the exams offered by PTA is characterized under three functioning areas:

(1) Pharmacology for Technicians – 13.75% of the exam.

(2) Pharmacy Law and Regulations – 12.50% of the exam.

(3) Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding – 8.75% of the exam.

(4) Medication Safety – 12.50% of the exam.

(5) Pharmacy Quality Assurance – 7.50% of the exam.

(6) Medication Order Entry and Fill Process – 17.50% of the exam.

(7) Pharmacy Inventory Management – 8.75% of the exam.

(8) Pharmacy Billing and Reimbursement – 8.75% of the exam.

(9) Pharmacy Information Systems Usage and Application – 10.00% of the exam.

Reasons to purchase your PTCB Practice Test from PTA

(1) PTA has successfully prepared thousands of individuals for the PTCE.

(2) These exams are meant to help anyone determine their areas of weakness.

(3) PTA offers a PTCE analysis by pharmacists and pharmacy technician educators.

(4) PTA is professional.

(5) Exam questions and test banks were written by Pharmacy Technician Educators licensed by their state as qualified individuals.

(6) PTA takes out the guess work.

(7) PTA helps you get prepared to sit for the PTCE with confidence, so you to can become a CPht (Certified Pharmacy Technician).

Option 1: PTCB Practice Test and Personal Coaching $129.95

This option includes the test itself, the detailed answer key, and the PTCE analysis by a Pharmacy Technician Advisor (PTA). You will receive a link by email to take the test (as an Adobe pdf form), and that will be then transmitted to our team

After the test has been graded and evaluated for strengths and weakness, the test taker will be contacted by a PTA and an appointment will be set at the test taker/purchasers convenience. The analysis may be relayed to the test taker by phone or email.

All questions in the areas of weakness are pinpointed by a PTA and will be thoroughly explained in great detail. This level of service and support is why over 98% of our students pass the exam the first time!

Normal Price for Option 1 is $159.95. Take Advantage of Our Limited time offer to save $30!

Your Price Only $129.95

Option 2: PTCB Practice Test with Answers $69.95

This option includes the PTCB practice test without any personal training from our experts. You will receive a link by email to take the test (as an Adobe pdf form), and then we will send you the answer key with detailed solutions worked out to each question. This answer key will NOT simply tell you that “C” was the correct answer, it will EXPLAIN why “C” was the correct answer, including detailed calculations where applicable.

Your Price Only $69.95

PLEASE NOTE: If you take any of our live PTCB workshops , then this Practice Test and Answer Key will be included for free!

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